Obtaining Your Card

Once you receive a PrattCard, treat your card with the same care as a personal credit card. Do not punch holes in your card or store it near electronic equipment. Doing so may deactivate the card. Do not attempt to use your card if it is bent, broken, taped, or has curled. It is recommended that you keep your card in a protective case.

Your photo is a vital part of your PrattCard. All community members are encouraged to submit a photo in advance so that a PrattCard may be generated prior to your arrival. Please review the information on how to provide an acceptable photograph by clicking the Submit ID Photo Online link.

Card Pickup
You may stop by the PrattCard Office to pickup your PrattCard. You will need to present one form of photo identification such as a driver's license, government issued ID, or passport.

Card Fees
There is no charge for the initial PrattCard; however, you are charged a fee to replace a lost or stolen card. The fee will be waived for a stolen card if an incident report has been filed and presented at the PrattCard Office. If a card is deemed to have a malfunction or is damaged, it will be replaced at no charge.

Replacement Card
To obtain a replacement card you must pay the replacement fee using your Prattbucks balance at the Prattcard Office located in the lower level of the ARC building.

Once the card has been replaced, the old card is no longer valid and cannot be reactivated. Any cards that have been found after a replacement has been issued should be destroyed.

Lost or Stolen Cards
Please deactivate a lost or stolen card immediately by logging in at www.prattcard.com and clicking the Lost/Stolen Card link under the Personalize section.

Damaged Cards
If a card is deemed to have a malfunction or is damaged, it will be replaced at no charge. To obtain a replacement card, please present your damaged or malfunctioning card to the PrattCard Office. Otherwise, your card is considered lost and subject to a replacement fee.